Sevenhugs builds solutions that simplify the increasingly complex digital home

3 Dancing Smart Remote

Digitization of everything means more fragmentation

In the last 5 years the way we live at home has evolved and it’s getting increasingly tech-enabled: we stream movies, listen to music on-demand, get food or groceries delivered within the hour and we interact daily with all our connected devices at home. However, this digitalization of our daily routines comes with a rapidly growing number of remotes and apps, and means additional fragmentation and complexity. We lack intuitive ways to discover and interact with all the experiences that are now available to us.

Single Device. Powerful Platform. Universal Home Control.

Sevenhugs has built a Unified Home Experience Platform that dramatically simplifies the way we interact with our entertainment, smart home and on-demand services. Smart Remote by Sevenhugs makes everything we care about accessible and shareable throughout the household through a single AI powered and intuitive interface—one that leverages display, touch, voice and contextual awareness. Sevenhugs is on a mission to advance our digital lifestyles and bring modern home living to the masses.

Remote Screen

Human centered design with revolutionary tech

Smart Remote’s design conveys its intelligence through an incredibly simple and approachable device that erases all unnecessary detail and function. Unlike traditional universal remote controls, Smart Remote is a buttonless touchscreen remote control that displays an intuitive and easy to use interface to control each device you point at. Smart Remote is the first consumer electronics product to use a precise indoor positioning system in combination with motion tracking to offer a context-aware experience. Its slim shape and ergonomic contours make it feel like an effortless extension of your hand, while granting instant control over your environment. Its unique hardware and software design has been rewarded by more than 21 awards, including the most prestigious ones, Red Dot Design and IF Design.

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Bringing intelligence to the modern home

UX powered by AI

Sevenhugs platform adapts to household behavior for a personalized experience unparalleled to any other smart home system or controller (coming soon).

Contextual Awareness

Automatically senses and displays the specific controls for any device it’s pointed at for a fast and seamless user experience.

Voice and Touch fusion

The revolution of voice has made controlling some devices easier but there are many limitations. Smart Remote has been designed to be more intuitive by combining voice with multi-modal control (coming soon).

Digital Ecosystem

Sevenhugs platform unifies connected products in the home, making them easier to use and more accessible. Smart Remote has custom integrations with some of the world’s most popular products such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Philips Hue, Roku, Sonos, Spotify and many more.

The future of our home experience

We are working on essential technologies that will change the way people interact with their digital life. Things we can not talk publicly about. If you are interested in partnering with us on shaping the future of the digital home, contact us at

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