Sevenhugs Launches Field-Proven Ultra-Wideband Software for Smartphones and IoT Devices

Sevenhugs aims to bring new and innovative experiences to the masses with lightweight and easily integrated UWB software

SAN FRANCISCO, California—March 31st, 2020Sevenhugs, Inc. announces the release of Ultra-Wideband by Sevenhugs, the world’s only consumer-grade and field-proven Ultra-Wideband (UWB) stack & software solution for smartphone, IoT device and automotive manufacturers. Sevenhugs’ versatile, low-power and low-footprint stack supports applications ranging from device control, spatial awareness, location tracking and access & security. Manufacturers will be able to leverage Sevenhugs’ UWB stack, software and expertise to quickly market innovative UWB powered experiences.

Sevenhugs has been developing UWB systems since 2014 and first demonstrated the true potential of UWB on the stage of TechCrunch Disrupt, London in 2015 – highlighting the use of UWB to contextually interact with everyday devices in the home. In 2018 they launched Smart Remote, the world’s first consumer electronics product to leverage UWB to offer indoor positioning plus orientation tracking 24/7 without recalibration and realignment by the user. Smart Remote is currently distributed nationally by Best Buy and on

“Back in 2013 we realized the tremendous potential of leveraging UWB technology in consumer products. We immediately shaped our vision around the fact that UWB would eventually be embedded everywhere, in our smartphones, smart home devices and our cars”, said Simon Tchedikian (Sevenhugs’ CEO & Founder) “Looking back, the diligence we showed developing and validating our technologies has elevated us as leaders in the field. Moving forward we look to help the entire industry grow, expediting the integration of UWB in ways that will truly transform our daily lives”, said Tchedikian. 

Sevenhugs holds 7 international patents and has filed another 28 that cover a wide range of categories; including UWB system setup, frame alignment, pairing and node antenna performance. Their UWB stack & software is FCC and CE certified and operates with the industry’s highest security standards. In addition, they’ve developed a cost-effective architecture designed specifically for Android based smartphones that will unlock a wide array of innovative UWB powered features. 

Sevenhugs’ stack leverages UWB raw precision ranging technology and is composed of three key pillars; a reliable communication protocol, a powerful sensor fusion engine, and user-centric application specific software service. This allows manufacturers to benefit from an end-to-end solution that is reliable and ready to deploy. They can expect a faster time-to-market in order to gain market share, a reduction of BOM costs by replacing other technologies and most importantly will position themselves as innovative leaders.

Integrating Ultra-Wideband by Sevenhugs:

  • Smartphones

    Unlock the potential of UWB using spatial awareness; creating personalized and contextual experiences, precision control systems, secure keyless entry, and powerful tracking ecosystems.

  • Location Trackers

    Easily find items and devices with extreme accuracy using a smartphone.

  • Automotive

    Bring security and contextual based experiences to the car. For example, when you approach your car it automatically unlocks and sets the seat position, entertainment and temperature to your desired settings.

  • Gaming

    Enable new control opportunities and end-to-end gaming experiences by adding UWB to game controllers or remotes.

  • Entertainment

    Create exciting new control experiences and increase user interaction by adding UWB to your TV, Set-top Box or Media Streamer.

  • Smart Home

    Create personalized and contextual experiences based on the proximity and orientation of a user’s smartphone or remote.

  • Security

    Leverage UWB when distance and orientation are crucial for heightened security, such as unlocking the door of a home or vehicle. For example, the door unlocks only when you approach your home from the outside.

  • Smart Speakers

    Use distance and presence between the listener and the speakers to create personalized and adaptive sound experiences in the home.

For more information on Ultra-Wideband by Sevenhugs please visit or contact them directly at


Sevenhugs is a Paris based start-up that’s raised over $25M and has over 50 employees worldwide. In 2018, they launched Smart Remote, the world’s first consumer product featuring Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and precise indoor positioning. Their mission is to create new digital experiences that significantly improve the way we interact with all of our connected products and services.


UWB is positioned to be the next major tech innovation, transforming the way consumers interact with all their favorite products and services. UWB uses a very low energy level for short-range, high-bandwidth communications over a large portion of the radio spectrum and can be fused with additional sensor data to provide highly accurate spatial experiences. Unlike Bluetooth or other tech sometimes used in positioning, UWB is precise to below 10cm and uses time-of-flight technology to assess distance where Bluetooth uses RSSI. Technologists expect UWB to have an impact on our IoT systems similar to what 3G did for us 10 years ago. Learn More


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