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The world’s smartest and easiest to use remote control.

Stop wrestling with remotes and apps and simplify how you control your entire home.

Floating Army Smart Remote
  • outshines other universal remotes

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  • a magic wand for your smart home

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  • condenses every remote you have…into one

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Your entire home working as one.

Control multiple devices with a single touch. Simply tap on a Scene and watch your home transform.

Game Day. Be game-ready with a Scene that powers on your TV, cable box, AVR, speakers and custom lighting.

Date Night. Prep for dinner with a Scene that turns up the lights, activates smart plugs and plays your Sonos speakers.

Arts & crafts. Create a magical environment with a Scene that sets the lights to awesome, turns on the Apple TV and inspires creativity.

Dance Party. Kickstart your weekend with a Scene that brightens the room, turns on your speakers and plays your favorite Spotify soundtrack.

The best control experience for all your home devices.

Tv Control
Music Control
Light Control
Home Control
Tv Control

Replace all your remotes with a smart one. Controlling your TV and entertainment center just got a whole lot easier. Simply tap on the device you want to watch and that’s it. Smart Remote automatically turns on the right devices and switches to the right inputs.

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Tv Control

Now everyone can DJ. Enjoy the convenience of using a dedicated handheld touchscreen to control and share your music. Browse playlists, select songs, adjust volume, skip tracks and more.

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Music Control

Liberate your lights and set the mood. Anyone who picks up a Smart Remote can easily see and control all the available lighting options at home. You can even group different brands of lights together and control them simultaneously.

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Light Control

Make everything accessible and easy to use. Now everybody can quickly access and control the connected devices in your home from a single, easy to use remote.

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Home Control

Make it yours. Customize your Smart Remote experience exactly the way you want by creating your own control screens. That’s just one of the many advantages of using a touchscreen remote.

Tv Control
Smart Remote X

Just point at what you want to control. Smart Remote X knows what you’re pointing at and automatically displays the right controls.

Discover Point Mode

That remote you’ve always dreamt of finally exists…

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Unified control

Instantly control your TV, music, lights and more with one remote.

TV Scenes

Control multiple devices simultaneously with a single tap.

Family friendly

Control devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared and compatible smart hubs.

Easy setup

Easily find and add all your devices and services in the Smart Remote App.

Home Scenes

Control multiple smart home devices simultaneously with a single tap.

Point Mode

Smart Remote X knows what you’re pointing at and automatically displays the right controls.

Compatible with over 650,000 devices & services... and counting

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Smart Remote U

Smartest and easiest to use remote control for your entire home.

Smart Remote x

World's first remote control with contextual awareness. Includes Room Sensors to experience Point Mode

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